Our Story

Hi Dwight James here.

Growing up in Lanark Township near Lanark Village in Lanark County was our introduction to maple syrup. Our family has been making syrup for over a hundred years in this area. From a very young age my five siblings and I helped gather sap from the maple trees with horses. Once the sap is collected my father boils the sap within an old wooden sugar camp with a cedar shingle roof. I can remember the shingles periodically would start to burn from the smoke stack sparks. One year the camp burnt so we built a new one for the next season. There were a lot of changes over the next years. I worked with my father and my brother making the liquid gold for twenty years or so.



Soon after my brother and I had our own families and so, in 2004 we built our own camp on a farm which I purchased from an old neighbors estate. The new camp construction was situated so the sap from all 1000 taps gravity fed using pipe lines directly into the camp, this means no more time and labour consuming of gathering the sap.